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Why is my order sent every 28 days and not monthly?
Why is my order sent every 28 days and not monthly?
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When it comes to medications, a month is usually considered to be 28 days or 4 weeks, not the typical calendar month; many daily medications are supplied in monthly quantities of 28.

As a result, your prescription may move forward by about 2 days every month. The NHS best practice states a 28-day repeat prescribing interval is the best option for balancing patient convenience, good medical practice, and minimal drug wastage.

This approach is also recognised as a safe option for repeat prescription systems by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Can I have my order delivered on a specific day of the month every month?

We are unable to deliver your order on a specific day of the month every month. This is because we follow the NHS guidance mentioned above. This means your delivery date may not always fall on the same calendar day each month.

Can I have my order only delivered on weekdays?

We currently do not have the option to restrict deliveries to weekdays only. That being said, we offer flexibility in adjusting your delivery date. Additionally, once your order has been dispatched, you can use the DPD app to further adjust the delivery date as per your convenience.

Can I change my delivery date?

You’re in complete control of your subscription, you can check your delivery date, change your delivery date, pause for a set time or stop deliveries indefinitely by logging into your Numan account.

Can I change how frequently my deliveries arrive?

Where it's deemed safe, we do offer the option to select different delivery intervals. Please check the options for your medication in your Numan account.

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