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How do I take my blood test?
How do I take my blood test?
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When should I take my blood test?

We recommend that you fast (don’t eat) for 8 hours before collecting your blood sample. This will allow our labs to obtain the clearest results to measure your health. The easiest time to do so is first thing in the morning before breakfast. Make sure you take the test between Monday and Thursday and post your sample on the same day. Do not take your sample at the weekend or on a bank holiday, as this could cause a delay in receiving the sample at our lab.

Getting the blood flowing

Don't take the test if you feel cold. If you do feel cold, try taking a hot shower before you take the test to help increase blood flow. Just before you take your sample, perform some light exercises like spinning your arm in circles for one minute, then soak your hand in warm water for two minutes, keeping your hand below elbow height. You can read more tips here

Filling the vials

Blood can clot quickly, which can make it unusable in certain tests. If you’re struggling to fill the vial, gently turn it with the cap closed before continuing. This mixes a chemical with your blood to stop it from clotting so you can get successful results.

Do not shake the vial - this will break your blood and make it unusable.

Milk your finger up to where you pierced the skin, but do not squeeze directly where the skin was pierced. This can damage the blood or stop it from flowing. Tap or gently scrape the blood into the vial. You can use the clamshell to hold the vial in place to make this easier - or you can ask someone to hold them for you.

Using the lancets

Don't be afraid to prick multiple fingers to help get your sample. Prick the centre of your fingertip, not the end of your finger.

Please note: Whilst we do everything we can to ensure accuracy of results false positive results can occur. It is important to know that having a blood result outside of the normal range does not always indicate a medical problem.

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