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Why do I need to update my weight in the app?
Why do I need to update my weight in the app?
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We want to ensure you're being treated effectively and safely, so we require patients on all Weight Loss prescription medication to update their weight in the app or on their account on at least once every 90 days. We recommend inputting your weight once per week.

  1. Losing too much weight may be a sign of other underlying conditions and the clinical team will review this

  2. Losing too little weight may be a sign the medication isn't right for you, and the clinical team can support and advise you on the best actions to take

If you don't provide an updated weight within each 90 day period, we are required to stop your medication deliveries until we can safely treat you by evaluating your weight. We strongly advise that you take the medication continuously for best results.

A break in your medication may mean we have to reduce your dose when you re-start.

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