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Understanding Our No Return Policy on Weight Loss Products
Understanding Our No Return Policy on Weight Loss Products
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At Numan, we prioritise your health and safety. Our no return policy for weight loss products is in place due to their perishable nature and the safety regulations on prescription medications.

Perishable Nature:

Our weight loss products require specific storage conditions within the cold chain to maintain effectiveness. Returning these items poses risks to their quality.

Prescription Medication Regulations:

Our weight loss products are classified as prescription medications, subject to stringent regulations. Once we've dispensed a medication, it can't be returned or reused due to safety regulations, which prevent selling on unwanted medications. This is highlighted in our Terms of Sale.

Customer Safety:

We prioritise your safety by adhering to industry regulations and maintaining product quality. The no return policy guarantees that every product leaving our facility meets the highest standards.


You'll need to be around to receive your order – it won't fit through your letterbox. You can find more ways to track your order here.
Industry safety regulations mean we’re unable to accept returned medication due to failed delivery attempts or delayed collection from a pick-up point.

Medicines that are past their expiry date, or are no longer required, can be taken to any local pharmacy to be disposed of safely.

We strongly recommend that you download the DPD app to track and also update your delivery details if needed. You can find the DPD app on the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store.
Your treatment is perishable. You will need to be home to receive your package as it will not fit through the letterbox. The injections can be stored in the fridge until first use. Once the injections are stored outside of refrigerated conditions, keep them at room temperature and use within 6 weeks.

For any concerns, contact our Customer Care team. We are committed to finding alternative solutions to address your needs while prioritising your health and safety.

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