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What can you do in the Numan app?
What can you do in the Numan app?
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Access Your Personal Health Coach

The Numan app is how you will interact with your personal health coach. They can help you create sustainable habits that will help you in your weight loss journey.

Weight Tracking

The Numan app allows you to enter weight measurements to allow you to see your progress over time.
This information is necessary for us to continue to prescribe medication to you. As part of our duty of care, we require a weight measurement at least once every 90 days, but we recommend inputting your weight once per week

Medication Reminders

The Numan app helps you track when you've taken your medication and allows you to set weekly reminders to help you to remember to take your medication on the same day each week.
This feature is strictly to help you with your adherence. It does not affect your subscription, dose or deliveries.


The Numan app has a wide range of content to assist you with the four pillars of weight loss: Sleep, Mindset, Exercise and Nutrition.

Blood Test Results

You can access test results of any previous blood test you have taken with Numan.

Note: You cannot manage your subscription in the Numan app yet. To manage your subscription, visit

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