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Why couldn't my results be processed?
Why couldn't my results be processed?
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Errors in blood samples can happen for many reasons but most commonly, it is because:

  • The blood has clotted

  • The sample was not labelled

  • The vial didn’t contain the required amount of blood

  • The sample was haemolysed (this is when the blood cells breakdown)

If this happens, please reach out to one of our Customer Care agents and request a second test kit, free of charge.

When taking your test, please make sure to follow all the instructions. Here's a helpful article with tips on taking a finger prick blood test, including a video on how to do the test.

Remember to take your test Monday to Thursday in the morning, before you eat. And send your test back the same day, so it's fresh when it is processed at our lab.

If your second attempt isn't fully successful, we'll give you a full or partial refund depending on whether you have no results or partial results.

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