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I can't draw enough blood to fill the vial
I can't draw enough blood to fill the vial
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If you're struggling to draw blood to fill the vial, please follow the tips below to improve blood draw:

Light exercise: To maximise blood flow, it can help to do some light exercise before you take the test. We’d recommend focussing on the arms and hands with exercises such as swinging your arms in circles for a few minutes.

Hydrate: This will help make sure you’ve got plenty of fluid running through your veins, making it easier to draw blood. It’ll also help ensure you get accurate results, as being dehydrated could affect your readings for biomarkers like cholesterol and kidney function.

Stand upright: When it comes to taking a finger-prick blood sample, gravity helps. Standing upright, with your hand and the vial below waist height can keep the blood flowing in the right direction and make it easier to collect your sample.

Take a hot shower or bath: Aside from providing a steamy backdrop for your bathroom karaoke sessions, a hot shower or bath can help improve your blood circulation as it increases your internal temperature. This allows for your blood to flow through your body more easily and can make taking a finger-prick blood sample a less pain-staking experience.

Wash your hands under hot water: If taking a hot shower or bath isn’t convenient, washing your hands under hot water is a good alternative. Try to use water that is as hot as you can stand it, as this will help to get the blood flowing as much as possible. The ideal temperature is around 40℃, and it’s best to do this for at least 4 minutes to properly warm you up.

Other tips:

  • Massage the length of your finger (in a milking motion)

  • Prick the side of your finger

  • Shake your hands at waist height

  • Try a different finger

If you're still struggling after trying these tips, reach out to our Customer Care team and we'll do our best to help.

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